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Efectio offers a digital microlearning platform combined with gamification elements to educate, engage and connect employees with an advanced HR approach.

Through theoretical and practical tasks, we offer a variety of solutions to introduce employees to a healthy work environment, promote a better understanding of your business values, or create fun and engaging office challenges for a motivating work environment and strong team. Our platform offers ready-made 30-day challenges as well as the opportunity to customize new tasks for your company.

Learning Management System

Microlearning platform with gamification elements - an effective and engaging approach to educate and motivate your employees.

Educational Platform For Specialists

Opportunity for industry specialists and coaches to train, monitor and maintain communication with all customers in one place!

Why Choose Us

Improved Productivity

Better acquaintance with colleagues and friendly work environment motivates experienced employees to work with higher results as well as attracts new talents to the company.

Knowledgeable Experts

Leading experts in the field of well-being are invited to develop the challenge. Valuable consultations and on-the-spot lectures for employees.

Virtual Gamification

Fast and easy way to create goal-oriented and interactive activities for any size company or teams. Connect employees from remotely located branches. Opportunity to promote healthy habits while linking your employee to your company’s core values and creating a sustainable work environment.

Health Insurance

Detailed statistics will help you to better understand your employees and will allow to choose more appropriate health insurance.

Company's Example


Take a look how energo company „Latvenergo” - one of the biggest companies in Latvia with more than 3000 employees - connected the company’s team and engaged them in a creative way by using challenges of Efectio platform!

Positive Feedbacks

91,5% of challenge participants would suggest taking a part in Efectio challenges. We received many thank-you letters and pleasant comments. Here are just a few of them!

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