The Best Apps for Productivity in 2020

Our daily routine is limited to 24 hours a day. For one, this may seem like enough to do all the day’s work and dedicate time to yourself and family later in the evening, but a large proportion of working people often lack a few hours to do the necessary work. And here you can find a variety of modern tools to improve your daily productivity.  

The current technological development has significantly facilitated and expanded the opportunities of the business environment – during the day we have the opportunity to communicate with the customer more easily and make more profit by selling more. This, in turn, leads to a much larger amount of work during the day, and often ends in many more hours spent in the office. In order to cope successfully with day-to-day responsibilities and help you do more with less time, you need to start looking for modern information technology solutions.

8 apps and tools to improve productivity

The amount of daily tasks and their variety is practically immeasurable. There are also many tools that make everyday tasks easier, and each has its own specifics, characteristics, and suitability for each individual. For some, scheduling applications (such as calendars) will be relevant and useful, for others it will be work and team communication products (e-mails, skype, slack, etc.) or even more specific. Below we will introduce the most popular and most frequently used apps, which can be useful for your daily work.



  • ToDoist

ToDoist is a to-do list application used by over 10 million people and has helped to gain more control over people’s lives and accomplish much more in less time.

Write down everything you need to do. The intelligent software will then interpret and classify these tasks based on the records made. For example, if you create a task: Lunch with a friend tomorrow at 12:00 #meetings. ToDoist will automatically schedule a reminder tomorrow at 12:00 and the file will be placed in the “meetings” section.

ToDoist can not only serve as a personal to-do list, but can also help you keep track of all your teamwork progress. Project planning, shifting responsibility, meeting deadlines.

The application has both free use with limited functionality and a paid version with more options.



  • Calendar

Do you want to save more time, be more productive and focus on the things that matter to you? Look for the Calendar app! This is a smart tool that will definitely fit into your daily routine.

This artificial intelligence-driven productivity app is always learning. It will save you time and effort in planning a day, a week, a month and even a year. The best part? The more you use it, the more valuable and smarter it will become.

With Calendar, you can let everyone choose a time and book an appointment with you right in the app. You will never have to worry about reservations, as the calendar will automatically protect you from meeting overlaps.

The application also allows you to delve into analytics to find ways to increase productivity and save more time.

Getting started is easy: go directly to and follow the sign-up instructions. It can be used in both the free version and with more functionality through a monthly subscription plan.



  • CloudApp

Next, we introduce the intuitive visual communication tool CloudApp, which can save your team a lot of time by dedicating it to other important tasks.

Whether you’re communicating with a colleague or a client, CloudApp’s screenshot, webcam recording, GIF creation, and image annotation features will help you explain what you want faster and easier. Forget long and complicated email writing, just show people what you think.

3 million users, including industry titans like Uber, Facebook and Adobe, can’t go wrong. CloudApp is a handy productivity application that will definitely be a successful part of your business software package.

This tool is also available in both free and paid versions.



  • Slack

You’ve probably heard of Slack. A unique company with a value of more than 20 billion and is one of the fastest growing businesses of all time.

Major corporations such as Target, Oracle and AirBnB regularly use the app because it is an incredible productivity booster.

Slack is a popular communication application for business that makes communication very easy, fast and convenient. Email is good for many things, but it can be inconvenient to talk to colleagues. It can be all too easy to get lost in the mountain of other emails.

With Slack, all your office correspondence is well-organized and easy to find. Different channels can be created for different projects, departments and clients, and team members can join or unsubscribe as needed. This means that they will not receive notifications of the channels in which they no longer participate.

Slack is also more than just an email alternative. It lets you share documents, start a video chat, and send GIFs. You can integrate other tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, SalesForce, and CloudApp to really increase productivity.

As with previous applications, Slack offers both free usage options, which in most cases are sufficient, and extended functionality options with different subscription plans.



  • Trello

Trello is a project management application that makes management less stressful and even somewhat enjoyable. Trello is a visually sophisticated platform that makes it very intuitive.

Users can divide large projects into smaller tasks by creating sections (pins) for each task. They can be arranged in different columns that represent the different phases of the project. When tasks are completed, pins can be easily transferred from one column to the next.

Here’s an example of how it works:

John has been asked to manage his company’s blog. To keep track of all the articles written and submitted by different authors, he creates a Trello dashboard with four columns: “Blog Ideas”, “Writing”, “Editing” and “Published”.

As soon as the work moves one step forward, it goes to the next column until it moves from the “Blog Ideas” to the “Published” column, when the article is complete and inserted. Easy and understandable, isn’t it?

The application can also integrate many third-party services: Box, Evernote, GIPHY, GitHub, Hangouts,, Mailchimp, OneDrive, Slack, SmartDr SurveyMonkey, Twitter, ZenDesk and more, greatly expanding functionality and improving the efficiency of your work day.

Trello can be used for free, although they also offer paid premium plans with additional features.



  • G Suite

Top level platform. G Suite is a great online productivity suite that makes it easy and fast to create documents (Google Docs), spreadsheets (Google Sheets), presentations (Google Slides), and more. It may seem like there’s more functionality than you need, but even just one or two G Suite features can help make life easier.

Ready to work on a new and great idea with someone else? Instead of exchanging endless emails or signing up for an online meeting service, simply create a Google document, share it with a friend or colleague, and edit it together in real time with comments.

Maybe you want to convert a document from one format to another? Instead of searching for another app, try opening it in Google Docs. The service can open PDF files, Office documents, and even extract text from images to export the results to many common formats.

Manage your documentation conveniently, easily and quickly.

It’s also nice that the files you create in Google Docs, spreadsheets and presentations don’t use a single byte of 15 GB of free storage on Google Drive. If your work requires a lot of work with a large number of documents and you need to share it with others – G Suite may be the most suitable way to achieve this.



  • Hootsuite

Social media has significantly changed the trends in the business environment. Businesses have never had such an easy approach to their customers as they do now. It’s an amazing opportunity, but it also requires some investment: planning, developing, and responding to comments takes a lot of time.

Fortunately, programs have been developed that make managing social media content much less time consuming.

Hootsuite is one of the social media management apps that allows you to update your company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn pages using a single application, without the need to log in to each platform separately. You can also reply to comments right there.

Another reason why Hootsuite is on the list of the best productivity apps in 2020 is its scheduling feature. With one sign-in to your account, schedule every message you want to create for the next week, month, three months (Hootsuite allows you to schedule hundreds of messages at a time) and then simply monitor your accounts, as the software will automatically post content as you specify it. A unique way to save time by managing all your accounts in one place.

Hootsuite offers a free plan that will work well for one person to manage 3 social platforms, but for more options you need to sign up for a paid plan.



  • LastPass

Today, almost everyone has several accounts, profiles created on different platforms and applications. More and more login passwords need to be remembered, different combinations of letters, numbers and symbols just to log in to each digital tool we use.

The solution is the password management tool LastPass, which allows you to easily generate, remember and even share detailed and secure passwords. Here’s how it works:

1) Download the LastPass web browser extension to your computer.

2) Register your LastPass account and create a long, detailed master password. The only password you will actually need to remember.

3) Add a website address and unique passwords to the personal storage of the LastPass password manager.

Now, when you go to one of the sites that are connected to your personal LastPass repository, LastPass will automatically fill in your login information.

If you want to increase digital security and productivity, you definitely need LastPass, which can be used free of charge with basic functionality.


Of course, these are not the only applications for improving productivity. There are other useful tools to make your day organized, transparent, and easier. Choose the one that suits you best, include it in your work routine and you will see that you can do more with less time.


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