About Efectio


Efectio offers a digital microlearning platform combined with gamification elements to educate, engage and connect employees with an advanced HR approach.

Through theoretical and practical tasks, we offer a variety of solutions to introduce employees to a healthy work environment, promote a better understanding of your business values, or create fun and engaging office challenges for a motivating work environment and strong team. Our platform offers ready-made 30-day challenges as well as the opportunity to customize new tasks for your company.

By combining elements of modern technology, content and gamification, we have developed a platform for employee engagement and learning that delivers solutions in six key areas, positively impacting employee loyalty and productivity:


Provide your employees with a modern, effective, and engaging way of learning to enhance their knowledge of the topics that matter to your business!


Invest in employee wellness and get a healthier, happier and more productive workforce!


Boost your employee engagement and emotional commitment to your company, its values and goals by creating individual and team tasks!


Improve employee loyalty to the company with a simple yet powerful method - employee recognition that will create motivation and a sense of appreciation!


Create engaging team-building activities to foster more effective collaboration between colleagues and a friendly company culture!


Build a positive brand and employer image by encouraging employees to become advocates of the company!

Company's Example


Take a look how energo company „Latvenergo” - one of the biggest companies in Latvia with more than 3000 employees - connected the company’s team and engaged them in a creative way by using challenges of Efectio platform!

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