Microlearning Concept


Take advantage of technology and gamification to make your learning programs more effective!

In a rapidly changing work environment, it is essential to provide employees with a flexible and easily accessible learning environment. Often regular learning programs are not the best solution, especially when large numbers of employees need to be trained at different locations or employees have different learning speeds. Microlearning is a great way to learn and acquire new skills, using small sections of information and gamification elements for additional engagement and motivation.

Through its innovative approach and competition elements, the Efectio Microlearning Platform enables you to learn through a variety of multimedia solutions and to perform practical tasks at the employee’s desired location and time without significantly delaying the work process.

Learning Platform


Use a ready-made solution or create yourself!

Promote employee engagement and company growth through expertly created 30-day challenges or access our platform with challenge catalog to independently design different tasks for uniting, educating about company values, introducing healthy habits and more!

Health Month

Make your employees healthier, unite the team and create a pleasant working


Visualize the busy daily life of employees through virtual activities, creating a cohesive and collaborative team!

Month of
Corporate Values

Raise awareness of company values within your team with practical tasks and
gamification elements.

Team Building

Team building with gamification and healthy competition elements for active employee engagement and strengthening the overall team spirit.


Provide your employees an interactive microlearning experience to stay on top of current learning programs!


Virtual assistant for your new employee's
successful first steps in getting to know the company.

Workplace Safety Automatization

Provide your employees with a digital
and effective safety briefing!

Employee Engagement


Create a Profile

To access the program, a profile must be created on the platform.

Complete Tasks

A new task is assigned every work day, to be completed within a certain time period.

Scoring System

Points are awarded for each task completed, and added up every month.


A chance to win surprise rewards forpoints awarded for completed tasks.

Positive Feedbacks

91,5% of challenge participants would suggest taking a part in Efectio challenges. We received many thank-you letters and pleasant comments. Here are just a few of them!

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