Provide your employees an interactive microlearning
experience to stay on top of current learning programs!

Microlearning Process


Take advantage of technology and gamification to make your learning programs more effective!

Given the rapidly changing work environment, it is essential to provide employees with a comfortable, flexible and accessible learning environment. Often conventional learning methods are not the best solution, especially when large numbers of employees need to be educated at different locations or employees have different learning speeds. Microlearning is a great way to learn the subject matter and train your skills by using gamification elements and small sections of content.

By taking advantage of the technology and competition elements, the Efectio Microlearning platform enables you to learn through a variety of multimedia solutions and perform practical tasks at any place and time, without significantly delaying the work process.

Benefits of Microlearning

Why is Efectio Microlearning platform an invaluable assistance to employee development?

Learning anywhere
and anytime

A modern e-learning platform that allows employees to be involved in the learning process at any time of the day.

learning experience

Small snippets of learning material and multimedia content help to stay focused and memorize without significantly interrupting work.

Employee engagement
and motivation

Opportunity to get involved in team assignments and get recognized for good learning results. Prizes and rewards provide additional motivation for active participation in the learning process.

Feedback and

Tests and express surveys allow to receive feedback and customize the learning content as needed.

Microlearning PDF

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    Microlearning Platform


    Creating a Microlearning Program

    Prepare Learning Tasks

    Create small tasks that can be both multimedia learning and practical challenges – individually or in teams.

    Add Extra Features

    Make sure you follow the learning process with knowledge tests, express polls, colleague reviews.

    Evaluation and Awarding

    Add a pinch of gamification by creating a point system and thanking for completing the tasks.

    Publish Curriculum

    Choose which employees will be bound by the syllabus you have created and inform about its terms.

    Involvement of Learning Participants

    Create a Profile

    To access the program, a profile must be created on the platform.

    Complete Tasks

    A new task is assigned every work day, to be completed within a certain time period.

    Scoring System

    Points are awarded for each task completed, and added up every month.


    A chance to win prizes for high activity.


    Acquire new knowledge with innovative tools!

    Microlearning Task Creation

    Create your own unique microlearning program!

    Feature Samples and Support

    The development of a training program will be facilitated by access to examples of task types, as well as advice and support from the Efectio team.

    Different ways of completing the tasks

    Depending on the purpose and subject matter of the syllabus, you will be able to use different types of exercise solutions, from watching a video to adding a photo, scanning a QR code or answering test questions.

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